#Kolkata: He is no longer the state president, but the BJP’s all-India co-president. However, Dilip Ghosh’s remarks still stir up state politics. Body conscious Dilip Ghosh comes to Echo Park in New Town every morning. And besides physical exercise, he also opened his mouth in the media. However, Dilip Ghosh was caught at the airport on Wednesday. And from there he gave his feedback on multiple issues. Incidentally, the BJP’s all-India co-president flew to Delhi on the same day.

Earlier in the day, Dilip Ghosh was asked about Joy Prakash Majumder. Regarding Jayaprakash, who joined the grassroots from the BJP, Dilip Ghosh said, “There are some professional people. As they are, so they are. Before that he was a member of Congress. The next day he sat in the media on behalf of the BJP. Earlier it was called Ayaram Gyaram. They change teams like they change football clubs. Some people will come and go. It doesn’t matter. The team we set up. The party is in a dilemma now. We will sit down with that again. “

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However, Dilip Ghosh did not stop mocking the grassroots organizational reshuffle. “One person, one post is not possible in the Trinamool Congress,” he said. They also showed people that we do. She (Mamata Banerjee) does not trust anyone more than four or five people. It is difficult to control more people. Because that party is a family party. “

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However, it is not just Joyprakash who is now the talk of the town. Dilip Ghosh also gave a clear message to them. He said, “Even the protesters are in a frenzy. Because they didn’t even know at the last minute that he was changing teams. The agitators decide what they will do. There may be differences of opinion. They could have said that. “

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