#Kolkata: Before the expiration of the term, the team resigned from the responsibility overnight. Has been dragged into other responsibilities at the national level. There is no escape in the daily routine. Even today he went out on the Morning Walk. He gave the same time to the media. What will Dilip Ghosh do, what is the future plan?

Dilip Ghosh said, I am an MP here. I will remain as a general worker. Those who have made me vice president will also decide what to use in the country. I have been the president for so many days, I have worked all over the state.

Today’s morning walk, however, was interrupted by rain. It’s a little late to come. Did Dilip Ghosh move a little? He did not stop at the question. Clearly, this is my own life. I also work as a team gives responsibilities. It’s raining a little late today. But it falls into personal life.

Sukant Majumder has been brought in to replace Dilip Ghosh. This happened at his will. According to sources, it was Dilip Ghosh who came to Delhi to hand over the responsibility to the RSS-affiliated leader. Sukant recently commented that the result of the vote was a strategic mistake. Dilip also sang the same tune. He said, we are all feeling that. Dafawari was wrong. Being discussed. For the first time we fought for the conquest of Bengal. Not completely successful. The strategy will change before the next fight.

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Newly defected Babul Supriya made a remark yesterday about the removal of Dilip Ghosh. Babul writes, “I have to say that he needs my caste identity. He is the new state president of India …” What do you mean ??? Wrong Bengali again !! Anyway. Stay well Dilipada. ” However, Dilip Ghosh did not listen to these comments. He said, “I don’t know whose writing he has read. Let’s read my writing, see what I have written. There is an all-India co-president written.”

Saugat Roy had commented that he should have resigned before Dilip Ghosh. He said, “I don’t do politics by flirting. Let’s see what he is doing.”

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