#Kolkata: The house is breaking down every day. In the way shown by Mukul Roy, there is a rush of housewives. After Tanmoy Ghosh and Biswajit Das, Kaliaganj MLA Soumen Roy left the party on Saturday. Naturally, the BJP is a bit backfoot in this change of party. This time the party’s state president Dilip Ghosh opened his mouth about this. He says ordinary people will teach the defectors.

Today, Dilip Ghosh from Surrey said, “Changing parties is now a fashion, a business. Many TMC MLAs came to our party. So did TMC lose? There was a dispute in our party over giving tickets to many. We also gave place.”

Houses are being demolished, the soil is getting loose in the districts. Dilip Ghosh, however, does not agree to spit. “Those who have left the party have different kinds of business dealings. There is pressure. There is greed,” he says.

BJP is holding meetings in districts to prevent erosion. He visited North Bengal a few days ago. Soumen was also present at the meeting. Even then the wickets fall! Why BJP is not able to tie the party! This time Dilip Ghosh got angry. He said, “The legislators are cattle and goats or what should I keep? It is difficult to keep them. The grassroots syndicated and made arrangements to earn money, but dozens of people have fled. He will go whichever way is heavier.

Dilip Ghosh also said in the context of the CID post to Shuvendu.

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