#Kolkata: Dilip Ghosh is a foodie. Many people know about this on social media. However, he prefers to eat light food. As a result of political personality, one has to go to different places all day for various activities. There are various invitations every day. As a result, in order not to spoil the body, so keep the stomach in strict discipline. Dilip Ghosh likes to eat fish which is not left behind by the debate as soon as he opens his mouth. The most beloved putti, the small fish of the genus Morula. Hilsa-shrimp is also on the list of favorites. People close to Dilip said that whenever Dilip Ghosh goes to his house in Gopiballavpur, Medinipur, there is a small fish jhal or chachhari on the menu for him. Dilip Ghosh is not only fond of eating and drinking, but also of exercising or keeping himself fit. Exercise every morning, measure time, do morning walk. It is said that if you go somewhere to eat a little more to protect the invitation, you can control your calorie intake by eating less or not at other times.

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What does Dilip Ghosh like to eat in summer? He has piqued everyone’s curiosity by posting a picture of a hot lunch on his social media handle on Friday. On this day, Dilip Ghosh’s lunch consisted of panta rice, fried fish, fried onion and kalmi vegetables. With cucumber, onion and pickle. Sharing the photo, the BJP leader wrote in the caption, ‘There is no reliance on any juice or cold drink to save the body from extreme heat. Dilip Ghosh relied on Panta rice in rural Bengal to save his body. When Dilip Ghosh shared a picture of the food on his social handle, he started practicing it vigorously. But today there is a strange reason behind Dilip Ghosh eating pantabhat. It is learned that he was visiting various social media sites this morning. At that time, a Bangladeshi cooking site caught my eye. There was a post about eating Pannabhat. After that he told everyone who was with him to eat pantabhat and ate pantabhat with various items. He wouldn’t just play, so he shared his neat lunch menu with everyone. That post is now viral on social media.

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