Dilip Ghosh Vs Babul Supriyo: Before Finding Candidates, Dilip Ghosh Gets ‘Entertainment Package’

#Kolkata: Former BJP MP Babul Supriyo has not yet joined the grassroots. And with that, BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh has recently tied the knot with Babul Supriya. Recently, rumors have been circulating that Babul Supriyo (Dilip Ghosh Vs Babul Supriyo) is being considered as the mayoral candidate of Kolkata Municipality. From the very beginning of the practice in the political arena, Dilip was sarcastic, all these rumors or ‘to feed the people’. And the grassroots will give Babul a jingle. Babul also retaliated. This time Babul-Dilip argument war has also started with the ‘rise’ of Trinamool in Tripura.

In front is the pre-poll in Tripura. And the grassroots camp desperate to prove its existence in that vote. To that end, the Trinamool wants to win the hearts and minds of the people of Tripura in the last days of the by-elections. That is why MLAs Soham Chakraborty, Jun Malia, Saini Ghosh and Indranil Sen have been sent to Tripura. And Babul Supriya went to Tripura on Friday. Asked about that, Dilip Ghosh said, “Good thing. But has Trinamool been able to field candidates in Tripura? Who will these stars promote? In many places, the BJP is going to win without a fight. They can’t find a candidate. Give candidates first, then campaign. Who will they talk to? “

However, Babul did not take time to respond to Dilip’s sarcasm. The former BJP MP has slammed Dilip Ghosh as an entertainment package. In his words, “It doesn’t matter what Dilip Ghosh is saying. His words have no value. And answering Dilip Ghosh’s words means bringing down the political level of the two in the same place. I can’t do that. He says one thing every morning, people are entertained by that word all day. “

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Although he has been in the BJP for almost 6 years, Babul has never had a strong bond with Dilip Ghosh. After losing the ministry, the issue goes against the MPs of Asansol. Even the top leadership of the Bengal BJP was not very satisfied with his role, it became clear. That is why Babul, who lost the ministry, was not seen in any role of the organization. As a result, this singer-MP was getting cornered in Padma Ghar. He then left the party first, then joined the grassroots. Since then, the Dilip-Babul war of words has intensified several times.

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