#Kolkata: He means attacking the ruling party. Saturday was no different. BJP’s all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh attacked the Trinamool on multiple issues. Take a look at what he said …

The results of the by-elections in two centers were announced today. With this Dilip Ghosh said, we have fought. The way the candidates were intimidated, killed, detained, there was no voting environment. Most voters did not turn to the booth. This is not the percentage of votes cast in West Bengal. Ordinary people are not getting democratic environment, so they are not going to exercise democratic rights. And it is the responsibility of the state government to restore that right.

Babylon’s comment Let’s enjoy the day. In this context, he said, the first time he is fighting the vote? Voting takes place in April and May each time. West Bengal got more than fifty percent votes. Forty percent of the vote. Maybe people don’t like him. I thought Subrata would break Mukherjee’s record. I don’t know what he can do. People did not accept him, they did not go to vote for him.

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Regarding the appointment of Alia’s Acting Vice-Chancellor, Dilip Ghosh said that the state government is destroying all the educational institutions by setting up its own people everywhere. The level of education is going down, chaos is being created. Students will protest. Such a decision is not right. If we give them a chance, they will go down in protest and create chaos. If chaos is created in the campus, then how will the learning environment be created. The government is in the process of capturing everything, so chaos is starting everywhere. Many universities have been recruited just to capture. And this kind of chaos will be created only if incompetent people are placed. The government still has time, should think. That is why such chaos is being created.

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Sexual harassment of a minor in Ekbalpur Bhukailas. In this context, he said, hearing all this in the morning makes me feel bad. Such news comes as soon as the TV is turned on. Why should we start the morning hearing such news. Eight- or nine-year-old girls are not safe here either. What we are getting from the female Chief Minister is our misfortune. Rose is hearing this news every day. Those who are engaged in this kind of work have nothing to fear. And when the Chief Minister goes to save such miscreants, the problem starts.

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