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Dilip Ghosh: What a sensor! Dilip Ghosh blows up ‘ban’ of central leadership, hint of rebellion?


#Kolkata: Whether censored or not, Dilip is in Dilip (Dilip Ghosh)! Entry at Ecopark at 5:30 in the morning. He answered one question after another of the journalists in a cheerful mood on Wednesday as usual. Dilip Ghosh claims, “What’s the censor? I did not receive the letter from the party. The media showed me a letter. Dilip Ghosh expressed doubts about the validity of the letter. What exactly did Dilip Ghosh say?

Sensor issue

Can’t open your mouth against the party workers, the party is in trouble? In response to this question, he said, “I do not know how such letters come in the media. It’s not a matter of media. It’s a matter of organization. There is nothing to worry about, I have nothing to do. Those who are spreading such news will be able to answer. I haven’t received the letter yet. It is a matter of party, those who wrote the letter know. I don’t know if I will be informed through media.

Got the responsibility of eight states, then the matter of central leadership! Dilip replied, “Those who gave me responsibilities, gave me work, did they really write letters?” You know, multiple letters have gone viral before. Many of you have seen in the media. Again I had to tell the details. The president was changing, this is what happened in the letter. “

In the context of Babul Supriya

Dilip Ghosh’s message was recited in the morning and the common man was freed from it. Babul Supriya made such a comment. In that context, Dilip Ghosh said, “What can I say that he is leaving the National League and playing in the Primary League, no one cares about him. Rejected goods are one. “

Moderation in front of the news media

It has been said about restraint. I’m forever I do not say out of necessity. My opposition party raised its erroneous useless voice. People have made me the leader of the opposition. I have never blocked a road in my life and I have built my own road. I will walk on that road. There are people in the team to see if the team is in trouble. They will see that the party workers have given me the responsibility, I will fulfill it.

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In the context of Kunal Ghosh

Kunal Ghosh is worried about me, I will tell Kunal Ghosh, you think about your party. You’ll be fine, the party will be fine.

In the context of bomber home delivery

In Burdwan, bombs were delivered to homes. The government has been at the door for so long. Door to door rape. New projects are being given by the state government, where the administration is reaching. Home delivery is becoming a bomb. Hand grenades are available. Being made at wholesale rate. I don’t see any such action by the government for the condition of the artist who died. Think of law and order, if I have a quarrel with you, I will bring a bomb to your house online! How dare. Who is doing it. Why only India, terrorists from all over the world are coming here and taking shelter. As many misdeeds are being done from here. Counterfeit notes are going from West Bengal. Coming to West Bengal. West Bengal is the largest center of gold smuggling. Why would that be? Why is the government doing what? Then why the elected government can not handle? Do not want the government to do it in their interest? This question has come to mind today.

Administrative meeting of the Chief Minister

Giving a strong message from the administrative meeting of the Chief Minister. In that context, he said, I have been hearing these conversations for a long time. What is the profit, contracting, all the leaders’ brothers, nephews, nieces, nephews, they are running the contract. Those who were contractors before, now they have become councilors. The next day will be MLA, MP. These people are being asked to show up. The whole thing is going to the contractor and Katmani.

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Panchayat vote

The panchayat vote may take place after the monsoon. The work will be stopped for four months. Mamata Banerjee has given such an indication. In this context, he said, if you want to improve, you can not. He has not elected a municipality for two or three years. He did so when his environment was created in the midst of political terror. The State Election Commission considers them as domestic servants. She is doing whatever she wants with him. Democracy, where is the constitution?

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