#Kolkata: ‘Look, the thieves and robbers have gone to Tripura. They have sent so many tainted leaders to Tripura. Everyone is standing in line. On Monday, Dilip Ghosh, the BJP’s all-India vice-president, launched a direct attack on the ruling Trinamool Congress in the state. Dilip Ghosh directly attacked the Trinamool Congress in this manner when asked about the mudslinging that has been going on within the BJP party for several days over financial scandals. He said, “There are many video and audio circulations in the market, but it is not always true. He also said that some people do it in different senses and in different interests. Many have joined the party and are doing this to tarnish the image of the party. He will continue to work as a team, as a team.

Even before the 2021 Assembly elections, Dilip Ghosh had launched a massive campaign against the Trinamool Congress over financial corruption. But when allegations of financial scandals and corruption arose within the BJP, Dilip Ghosh returned to the grassroots.

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Dilip Ghosh has repeatedly reminded that there are criminal cases against most of the leaders of the state government. Addressing Kunal Ghosh, he said that leaders imprisoned for financial corruption were flocking to Tripura. It is becoming more and more clear that the BJP will not leave the grassroots in Tripura. The BJP has been accused of attacking Trinamool Congress candidates in the Tripura polls. When asked about this, one day, Dilip Ghosh said, “Trinamool does not allow the opposition to hold a meeting here. And he is trying to cause trouble by sending thugs there. The people of Tripura are responding and will respond. “

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