#Kolkata: BJP all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh attacked the Trinamool government on Thursday morning as usual. Dilipra took to the streets against the Trinamool government on Wednesday. And on this day, he said, “People are feeling the performance of the government. Young men and women on the streets are crying out for jobs, for DAs, for pensions. Women feel insecure, with Mamata Banerjee getting the most votes. Navishvas has gone up in one year. I don’t know what will happen in five years. The financial situation is the worst. And after a while, the government will not be in a position to pay the salary. There is a problem with who will lead the party, and Mamata Banerjee has to deal with it. ”

This is not the end, Dilip Ghosh also sneered at the Trinamool organizational meeting to be held on Thursday. In his words, “there is no such thing as a government party. Government ministers have no job, the government has no money. If you go somewhere, you are asked when the contractors will get the money. Nothing worked. So there is no benefit in meeting. The people in the team are having problems. They have to answer. Promises were made but nothing can be done. “

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However, Dilip Ghosh said about Amit Shah’s visit, “People still trust us. We are moving, fighting. That is why our workers are constantly being targeted. Damage has occurred, many are homeless. He has been put in jail on false charges. I think there was a lack of morale as a result. However, we have been in the movement since two dates. People have supported us. That is what we are doing as the main opposition party. “

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Dilip Ghosh has taken the government by storm even with the long summer vacation at school. “Everything this government does is the other way around,” he said. The government has no patience. Who said leave. Not giving holidays in private schools. The problem is they need to be more. Ordinary people want the school to be open. Student-teacher relationships, the environment is ruined. The school has no teachers, so the school has been closed. This is the problem of Mamata Banerjee. It can’t go on like this. The education system will rise. Teachers are being used in politics, they are also being used in electioneering. “

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