#Kolkata: Dilip Ghosh wants a radical change in the state committee to prepare for the battle of 24. According to Dilip, the newly-appointed former state president of the BJP, once the change has begun, the process needs to be completed as soon as possible and a new committee needs to be set up.

The party’s central leadership removed Dilip from the post of state president of the BJP (West Bengal) before the end of his term. All-India President JP Nadda hinted at an organizational change in the state BJP by replacing Dilip with Sukanta Majumder, an MP from Balurghat who won the 19th Lok Sabha elections. The president said the last thing in the BJP’s organization. As a result, if the state president changes, the reshuffle of the state committee also becomes inevitable. That is the rule. However, Dilip claimed that he had asked the Delhi leadership to reshuffle the state committee since last July, shortly after the state elections.

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Dilip said, “When I took the helm of the state, the party did not have much place in the parliamentary politics of the state. Recognized as the main opposition party, the party now has about 60 MLAs, 16 MPs. As a result, radical changes are needed in the state committee as well. “

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According to the party constitution, the number of state office bearers in the state committee is less than 30 to 35. Excluding the state president and general secretary organization, there are 5 general secretaries. There are ten to eleven co-presidents and ten to twelve secretaries and one treasurer. Generally, a person cannot hold any post for more than two consecutive terms. That is the number one official in the state.

On the other hand, all the parties to the war have been moved by the hint of change. This time there are many new players on the chess board. Naturally, new calculations have started within the state BJP. An official of the present state committee said, “We also want the committee to be announced soon. A reshuffle is definitely needed, but where are the qualified people to change it?” The leader further added, “There is a pre-vote ahead. It is risky to make a major reshuffle in the organization before that. According to the political circles, if this situation continues, the failure of the Gerua camp will be inevitable even in the pre-election.

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