Dinesh Trivedi on Babul Supriyo: ‘I left Trinamool for big purpose’

#Kolkata: He had heard the call of ‘inner soul’ for a month before the change of party. Then, just 24 hours before Narendra Modi’s brigade rally before the assembly vote, Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Dinesh Trivedi joined the BJP. BJP all-India president JP Nadda handed over the party membership to him at the BJP headquarters in Delhi. This time Dinesh Trivedi opened his mouth with Babul Supriyo’s change of team. At the same time, he said, he left the grassroots with a big purpose. Babul Supriya’s sudden joining of the grassroots has caused a stir in national politics as well. BJP leaders have practically tried to justify the argument not to give importance to Babul’s defection. In this situation, Dinesh Trivedi was asked to join the grassroots of Babul Supriya. And in that context, he said, ‘If the team changes, it should be done with a big purpose. I did so. I was also the railway minister. I was also removed from there. I did not leave the team then. I left with a big purpose. It would be better if Babul Supriya had that. ‘ Dinesh Trivedi also joined the BJP when he was forced to leave the grassroots and join the BJP before the Assembly polls. He was vocal against the party during the Rajya Sabha session. After officially joining the Gerua camp, Dinesh said, ‘I want to thank the BJP. I was waiting for this golden time. ‘ At the same time, he said, one family is the political family, the other is the family of the people. By joining the BJP, he has joined the Janata family.

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He also chanted against the Trinamool, saying, ‘A family is served in that party. I don’t want to name that team. You all know. I have never broken my own judgment. The country is most important to me. The BJP has not yet given such a big responsibility to Dinesh. However, the BJP has fielded Dinesh in the Bhabanipur by-election. In the midst of that propaganda, Dinesh Trivedi spoke of his great purpose in responding to Babul. However, the former Trinamool MP did not open his mouth about what that big objective is.

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