Diwali 2021 | Pollution: Kolkata is not pollution free after Kali Puja and Diwali Diwali 2021

#Kolkata: Environmentalists say air pollution levels are much lower this year in Kali Puja 2021 and Diwali 2021. At the same time, the report of the Pollution Control Board says that although the level of pollution was high in some parts of the northern suburbs on Diwali, it did not last long. However, Howrah has beaten Calcutta in the fight against pollution. According to the State Environmental Pollution Control Board, the problem has increased because some people have violated the rules. However, even though the pollution is much less than in 2019, Kolkata is not completely pollution free.

In particular, the report on Rabindranath Tagore’s BT Road Chattar is similar to that of Delhi’s Anand Bihar. In both cases the level of pollution averages around 8 out of 500 The report card says that air pollution in Kali Pujo and Diwali is much controlled in Kolkata this year. However, many levels of pollution are more in Howrah. Complaints to state pollution control boards have been much lower this year. The State Pollution Control Board has received 44 complaints. Sabuj Mancha has received 6 complaints. Last year, 140 complaints were lodged with the state pollution control board. There were 114 complaints on the green stage.

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On the morning of Kali Puja 2021, the average level in the morning and night of the three stations in Kolkata was 2.5 PM. Salt Lake averages 110 mg. Jadavpur average 125 mg. Rabindranath Bharati average 28 mg. Large dust or PM 10 floating in the air was 120 mg in Salt Lake, 140 mg in Jadavpur and 16 mg in Rabindranath. On Diwali (Diwali 2021), however, this level has changed in the morning-afternoon. The fine dust or PM floating in the air was 2.5, 110 mg in the morning in Salt Lake / 264 mg in the afternoon. In Jadavpur 125 mg in the morning / 308 mg in the afternoon. Rabindranath Tagore 26 mg in the morning / 401 mg in the afternoon. There was a large dust particle or PM 10 floating in the air, 120 mg in the morning in Salt Lake / 185 mg in the afternoon. In Jadavpur 140 mg in the morning / 199 mg in the afternoon. Rabindranath Tagore 18 mg in the morning / 290 mg in the afternoon.

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The level of pollution was higher in Howrah Ghusuri. On the day of Kali Puja (2021) the average fine dust floating in the air or PM 2.5 was 196 mg. The large dust floating in the air or PM 10 was 169 mg. On the day of Diwali (Diwali 2021) fine dust floating in the air or PM 2.5 average level 498 mg. Large dust or PM 10 floating in the air averaged 500 mg. Environmentalists, however, say that the happiest thing is that people follow the rules. Some people did not obey the law. The administration will keep an eye on that. Like Kali Pujo and Diwali, the state government wants to hold this report on Chhat and Jagadhatri Pujo.

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