#Kolkata: Detectives in the statement of Professor Arindam Sen, the doctor arrested for giving threatening letter to Alapana Bandopadhyay (Kolkata News). He could not sleep at night without drinking cold drinks. So I want his cold drinks. Arindam eats cold drinks and bread curry on Monday night. Eat cold drinks and biscuits on Tuesday morning. Dhrita has no regrets. The detectives were also shocked to see him.

How to catch detectives (Kolkata News) Medical Professor? Asking Gourahari, it is known who he was in trouble with? Since a letter is given in his name. Detectives are convinced that this is not the work of Gaurahari Mishra. When he went to find out who was having trouble with Gaur, it was found out that his wife had a problem with this doctor Arindam, their landlord. Earlier, doctor Professor Arindam Sen had also sent an anonymous letter to Gaurahari.

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This was followed by a threatening letter (Kolkata News)) The search for a typist begins. Detectives searched for anonymous people in the city by typing threatening letters. But most typists do not. No one was willing to type a death threat letter.

In the end, typist Vijay Kumar Kayal agreed. Detectives claim that he took only a hundred rupees per letter. As soon as they pressed, Kayal said that Arindam Sen and his driver would come in a car. The typist gives the number of the car. The car was also found on CCTV cameras. Arindam Sen was then arrested from his house on Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road. He then admits to the driver and the whole episode involved. The detectives also arrested the driver.

According to sources, Arindam’s mother was a professor of physics at Raja Bazar Science College. Dad was a doctor. Both died. Arindam got married twice. But his wife left because of this problem. Arindam Sen has been working as an Assistant Professor in KPC Medical College since 2015. He is also a professor of pharmacology. He has been teaching students for so many years. The hospital authorities claim that no other behavior has been noticed.

Although he did not see the patient in that hospital. Just taught. Arindam did MD in Pharmacology at Kisanganj MGM Medical College. Before that he used to read RG. He studied at a reputed English medium school in Kolkata. Everyone from the students to the hospital authorities were shocked by his actions. The three arrested have been remanded in police custody till November 12.

Arpita Hajra

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