#Kolkata: The organization of ration dealers sent another letter to the state regarding rations at the door. A total of 16 issues have been mentioned in the five-page letter. In the keynote address, they mentioned that ration dealers want to join the door-to-door ration scheme. But those who regularly shop, go to hotels, restaurants or shopping malls are all physically fit. There is no obstacle to come to their shop and take ration. In this case the ration at the door is actually oiled. Let it be stopped Instead, those who are really disabled should be given rations at their homes.

They are asking for a survey for the whole process. The state has been asked by the administration and ration shopkeepers to conduct the survey on an area-by-area basis. They will go to the door and give rations for the remaining 15 days. The whole money has become a claim bill.

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Besides, the money for the previous commission has been owed since April 2021. Thus, they have written to the state government with multiple demands. In this context, the Chief Minister said that the door ration will be introduced from November 16. Food Minister Rathin Ghosh had a meeting with Ration Dealers Association on Wednesday State Food Department sources, however, said that once it starts, it will be understood where the problem is.

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It is not possible to understand that in advance Everyone is part of the project without hesitation. The state government is humane enough Where there will be problems, there will be a system to meet the lack of 7 For now, it has been decided that rations will be introduced at the door from November 18.

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