Duare Ration: ‘There is no infrastructure, rations are impossible at the door!’ The popular project reached the court before it started

#Kolkata: The festive season has arrived, and the Duare Ration Sceme is set to launch in the second week of this month. The state government is starting the ration project at the door as a pilot project. However, the final decision on some issues has not been taken yet, said the Ration Dealers Association. However, the Ration Dealers Association has already increased the commission by Rs 50 per quintal. If you want to do biometric, you will get another 25 rupees per quintal. In this situation, the ‘ration project at the door’ reached the court this time. A section of ration dealers on the doorstep of the court challenged the “ration at the door” project. They allege that the project is against the central law.

They have filed a public interest litigation in the court, alleging that no notification has been issued for the project. It is against the law to go home and give rations. Ration dealers do not have that infrastructure. The plaintiff dealers claim that according to the law, the ration recipient will come to the shop and take the ration. This is the rule. The government has said that dealers will have to bear the cost of the car, the cost of the promotion and the cost of storage to pay the ration at home. Some of the dealers have claimed that they will not be able to bear this huge cost.

They further claim in court, they do not have so much manpower. They said there had been attempts to bring similar projects to Delhi, but the central government had not approved them. Although the state has argued counter-argument, they can amend the law for the benefit of the recipient. This does not infringe on the rights of the dealer. Moreover, dealers are obliged to comply with state directives. The state claims it is helping to cover transportation and other costs. The court was further informed that this is a pilot project, for the month of September only. The rest of the decision will be taken later after seeing the acceptability of the project. The case will be heard again tomorrow. The hearing will be held in the bench of Justice Amrita Sinha.

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In fact, dealers now get a commission of Tk 75 per quintal The dealers demanded a total commission of Rs 200. That has been 125 rupees for now. However, despite the increase in the commission, the Ration Dealers Association is still not satisfied. Moreover, controversy has started over who will pay for the car needed to deliver rations from house to house. Bishwambhar Basu, general secretary of the Ration Dealers Federation, said, “We will not buy cars with money borrowed from banks. It is not possible for ration dealers to buy cars at a cost of around Rs 3 to 4 lakh.”

On the other hand, the door ration project will not be introduced in the two hill districts due to geographical reasons. Even in parts of the Sundarbans delta, complications have arisen. Wherever the product is delivered, it will be given to the customers only after measuring the product and registering it in the e-pos machine. Despite multiple statements from dealers, the state food department says the project should start first. Only then will it be possible to understand the problem. In this regard, Food Minister Rathin Ghosh said, “Let’s start working on the ground first. Then the problem will be understood. If we just look at the problem, there will be no work.” Incidentally, door-to-door rations will be launched this month with about 3,100 dealers in the state.

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