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Dudhkumar Mandal Sukanta Majumder: Anupam Hazra stood beside BJP rebel leader Dudhkumar, what did Sukanta say?


# Growing: BJP state president Sukanta Majumder, who arrived in Burdwan on Sunday to hold an organizational meeting, gave a strong message regarding Dudhkumar Mandal. He said the committee should be formed in consultation with Dudhkumar as it is not written anywhere in the constitution. The BJP state president also gave a clear message about the party and party policy in the context of Dudhkumar Mandal Sukanta Majumder post on social media.

Former BJP president of Birbhum district Dudhkumar Mandal wrote in a Facebook post, “The block committee from the district has formed the committee without talking to me. That is why the supporters and activists of the Bharatiya Janata Party, who love me, sit quietly. ‘ However, the BJP (Dudhkumar Mandal Sukanta Majumder) refused to give importance to this post. The party has also indicated that it will take action against him if necessary.

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BJP state president Sukant Majumder came to Burdwan for an organizational meeting on Sunday. After the meeting, a bike procession was also held in the city under his leadership. The bike procession took place from the district office at DVC junction along GT Road to Curzon Gate to the railway station. Earlier, BJP state president Sukant Majumder told reporters about Dudhkumar’s post, “If anyone has any problem, he can discuss it with the party leadership. Nowhere in the party constitution is it written that these committees should be formed in consultation with Dudhkumar Mandal. Some people.” You may think, we have become big leaders. In fact, we are all leaders for the party. We have no existence outside the party. We are all Big Zero except the party. That is what many forget. “

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The party is quite angry with Dudhkumar Mandal (Sukanta Majumder) for this post. Now it remains to be seen whether the team will take any drastic action in this regard. Regarding Anupam Hazra’s tweet about Dudhkumar Mandal, the BJP state president said on Sunday that he is our state secretary. He can discuss the matter with JP Naddar.

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