Kolkata: They are evergreen even after passing several springs of life They are a few senior citizens living in Newtown It is on their initiative that the Durgotsab, known as the ‘Autumn Festival of the Elders’, is organized every year. The organizers of the event are ‘Swapnabhor’ and ‘Snehodiya’.

At their initiative, the worship of Trinayani was completed this time for three years There was no deviation in the mother’s worship even after the severe attack of Atimari last year She was worshiped at New York’s Dreamland Park, just opposite the Snehadia Old Age Home. This year, for the first time, the mother and family have come to the premises of Snehadia old age home

He came because his mother wanted him to Mother took everything ৷ I think one of the officials of Pujo is Bhaskar Sardar With the help of HIDCO, the Durgotsab is being implemented through the tireless efforts of the members of Swapnabhor, an organization of senior citizens, and the residents of Snehadia Old Age Home. He said 6

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In addition to the idols of the former Saaj, this pujo is spread everywhere with a very homely mood and sincerity Not only externally, but also in the inner courtyard, this pujo is very family and domestic Because no tribute is collected for this pujo There is no sponsor The members of the organization share all the responsibilities among themselves From Avahan to Niranjan, the active presence of the residents of Snehadia Old Age Home is at every step of Durga Puja.

Like last year, Durgapujo 6 is being celebrated in strict compliance with the rules Foreigners are practically forbidden to enter the pujo premises The members of the organization are also setting foot in the mandapa after the mask Other precautions are being observed However, at the same time, all the customs and traditions of Pujo are maintained

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In keeping with that tradition, Sandhipujo is performed at the juncture of Mahasthami and Mahanabami. Outside, 108 lamps were lit in the pouring rain The surroundings illuminated by the light of dusk The touch of that parashamani of fire is also in the souls of the entrepreneurs of Pujo In that touch they have proved that age is only a number 6 Aging does not mean counting the endless waves of the sea On the contrary, the joyous songs of life can be sung even in this phase of life

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