#Kolkata: Durga at the door. The idol made by Chorbagan Public will reach the door of another club (Durga Puja 2021). Pujo entrepreneurs have been selected through lottery. The mandapa of Chorbagan is now another Kumortuli (Chorbagan Sarbojonin). Everyone is saying that the pujo mandapa of Chorbagan is Kumortuli (Durga Puja 2021). Work in progress. Thirteen idols are being made. The same design in the same place in the same style ((Durga Puja 2021)). Others as well as their own idols. It is also a social initiative. The costume name is Dashbhuja in Dasangana. Artist Bimal Samanta is in charge of making the idol.

Chorbagan is a public fort. Chorbagan is a public fort.

If there is no money, there will be no worship. Chorbagan Sarbojonin next to it. The ten clubs were selected by lottery from the pujo committees that applied. Chorbagan Sarbojonin is giving one idol for 101 rupees.

Preparing ... Preparing …

Inside the mandapa is like Kumortuli. Inside the mandapa is like Kumortuli.

What is the decagon in this decade? The 10 Pujo Committees selected in the lottery are: 1) Friends and Association, 2) Sarathi, 3) Beleghata Nabalaya Sangha Club, 4) Acharya Prafulla Chandra Club, 5) Madhya Kolkata Bishwakalyan Sarvajanin, 6) Ma Agamni Sangha, 6) Adi Kambulitola and Street Public Durgatsab, 6) Bhabanipur Kishore Sangha, 9) Durga Puja BL Block Committee, 10) Beleghata Sarkar Bazar Vivekananda Sangha. Idols are also being given to three special pujo initiatives. Financial assistance to three more clubs. The specially selected pujos are, 1) the pujo of Durbar in the sex village of Kolkata, 2) the Bhimeshwari Youth Students’ Association of Medinipur, 3) the rural women of 28th.

Apart from this, all the pujos that got Rs. In fact, Chorbagan is the purpose of the public this time, a festival for all. Durga at everyone’s door. So preparations are in full swing before Pujo.

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