Durga Puja 2021 ‍ | West Bengal By Polls: No club in Murshidabad and Bhabanipur got money! The answer to the question of the commission is new

#Kolkata: Like every year, the state government has announced financial assistance to Durga Puja clubs. After that, the opposition camp has accused of violating the election rules. Even after the announcement of the vote, the Election Commission sent an explanation to the Home Secretary of the state asking why the money was given to the club. Such is the news in the commission sources. And as soon as he received the letter from the Election Commission, Nabanna gave a ‘good answer’. According to sources, the Home Secretary of the state informed the commission that the official ceremony was held in compliance with the rules. Specifically, Murshidabad and no pujo committee in the Bhabanipur area were given government benefits from the meeting. As a result, the political circles think that the pressure on the state government in this regard is a little bit.

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On this day, however, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee did not leave the BJP to discuss the issue. At the first staff meeting of the by-election, Mamata said, ‘The party of idiots does not know. The Chief Secretary has announced. The Chief Secretary can announce these issues. If they are tigers, I am also wild. Don’t I know that if elections are announced, nothing new can be announced? ‘ On this day, Mamata has made a number of allegations against the BJP about Pujo. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh did not take time to retaliate. In his words, ‘I will not hear knowledge about Pujo from Mamata Banerjee. No club asked for help. He is doing this to put up pictures of himself, to buy clubs! ‘

On the other hand, according to the Election Commission, the by-polls in Bhabanipur and Murshidabad are going to be held in the central forces encirclement. There is a possibility of having 8-10 company central forces in each assembly. The Election Commission has appointed an expenditure observer for the Bhabanipur by-election. His name is N Ashok Babu. An observer is also coming to Samserganj, Jangipur. His name is Sanjay Kumar. General observers will also come. There will be at least two observers in each assembly.

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