Durga Puja 2021

#Kolkata: According to the scriptures, even after the end of the puja, the remnants of seeing Tagore (Durga Puja 2021) remain in Calcutta. The mega carnival (Durga Puja Carnival) is organized by the state government. The event on Red Road was canceled this year due to the Corona situation. This time the idol will be taken directly from the mandapa to the Ganges ghat for immersion. The pujo committees have to abide by a number of rules and regulations around durga visarjan. Starting today, Bhasan will continue for the next two days. That is why Lalbazar has rushed to Dashmi.

This time, multiple bans have been issued keeping in mind the Corona rules. In which special attention is being paid to maintaining physical distance. Every time there is a crowd of thousands of people in the procession, as well as reckless dancing, the hustle and bustle is all stopped. Other times, crowds of people line the road to see the deity (Durga Puja 2021), which is also closed this year. Saf has been informed by Lalbazar. Entrepreneurs also have to follow multiple rules. No private car can go with Thakur’s car. Whether it is a big baroari pujo or a small pujo, there is no exemption in this regard. All pujo committees have to abide by this custom. Idol visits will be stopped in the neighborhoods. There will be no lights, no music. DJs are also being stopped from dancing on the day of immersion (durga visarjan).

The abandonment will continue for the next three days from today. Only a few idols will be taken to the designated wharf. There will be some members of the Pujo Committee. The administration is reluctant to avoid any risk. So everything has been informed in advance. There is also strict security at the durga visarjan wharf. Idol abandonment work will be carried out at multiple ghats on the banks of the Ganges. Strict security is being maintained.

This year, after the order of the High Court, the mandapa and the idol had to be seen from a distance. Somewhere in the barricade, somewhere again there was a ‘no entry’ board hanging on the rope. Kolkata Municipality and the police have already finalized the outline of how to control the gathering of people. Debashis Kumar, a member of the administrative board of the Kolkata Municipality, said that after the inspection, 15 ghats, large and small, were initially identified for abandonment. As always, the ghats will have a separate place for adequate lighting and other items, including flowers and petals. No more than five members of the Pujo Committee can enter the wharf. After abandoning the idol, the structure will be lifted and sent step by step. Top officials of the Kolkata Police said members of the disaster management team would be at each wharf at the time of the evacuation. Surveillance will be carried out on waterways, land routes and even through CCTV. Not only that, the idol Niranjan can also be seen on the giant screen at Bad Kadamtala, Nimtala Ghat.

It is to be noted that every year a procession from Durga Road (Durga Puja Carnival) is selected and a few baroari pujas are taken to the Ganges ghat for floating. But the chief minister has canceled the Pujo carnival for Corona. As a result, ordinary visitors have no chance to see Thakur or see Bhasan before Bhasan.

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