Durga Puja 2021 || Awakening of mother with utmost devotion, morning-evening of the sixth

#Kolkata: Mother Durga’s awakening with devotion, the night from the morning of the sixth to the evening … the palace of Vasal Shobhabazar in the crowd. This year marks the 231st year of this historic pujo. Every time such visitors can go up to Thakurdalan. Since last year, various restrictions have been imposed on visitors due to corona. However, last year no one was allowed to enter that way, but there is no ban on entering this bar. However, people are being allowed to go till before the building.

Durgapujo of Shobhabazar Rajbari, a symbol of Banadiana and nobility in North Kolkata. This royal family has two parts, the big side and the small side. The two families have two very different homes. Durgapujo is performed in both. On the other hand, it is mainly the descendants of Gopimohan Deb, the adopted son of Raja Navakrishna Deb, the founder of Shobhabazar Rajbari.

On the younger side are the descendants of King Navakrishna’s own son Rajkrishna Deva. King Navakrishna started the first Durga Puja in 1757 at a large house. However, later he also introduced pujo in small houses. It is known as the pujo of the main palace of Shobhabazar as it is carried forward by the descendants of his own son.

Every year millions of people gather to see the idol of Shobhabazar Rajbati. This time too he is no exception. From the fourth day onwards, there is a long line outside the palace to see the big pujo. It is to be noted that the pujo of the small side of the palace was not open for the visitors till the afternoon of the fifth day.

At this point Madan Mitra was found again in the familiar rhythm. The familiar word on the yellow Punjabi face is ‘Oh Lovely’. Madan Mitra gave the stage mat of Shobhabazar Rajbari in central Kolkata. As a judge, he went to Panchami, where the MLA of Kamarhati met the Jhumur artists at the palace of Shobhabazar. Yellow Punjabi sunglasses on the body.

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