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Durga Puja 2021 | Bangla news: Dhakis of Bengal start waiting for next Puja from current Puja Durga Puja 2021


#Kolkata: Bengalis do not have Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021) without Dhak Kansar. The drummers from the districts far from Mahalaya to Kolkata set foot in the city to play the drums. Among them are drummers who used to come with bronze when they were little with their father. Now he is also a full-time drummer. Again a small boy with a bronze hand is coming with him as a companion. It is as if the cycle has been going on for ages. Murari Haldar, a 70-year-old drummer. He has been coming to the Pujo Mandapa of Shanti Palli in Regent Park in Kolkata for 45 years.

As a child, he used to play brass to the beat of his father Sriram Haldar. It has been several years since my father died. Now he comes here every year to play drums according to the rules. This time Raghunath Haldar of the decade has come with him. This Raghunath lives in the village of Murari in Bakultala of Joynagar police station area of ​​South 24 Parganas. In the house of the fatherless Raghu, there is an old grandmother and mother. Murori got five thousand rupees by playing drums for a few days. Among them is a thousand rupees for Raghunath, a bronze player. This money is enough for him.

In front of the mandapa, a boy of Raghunath’s age was seen wearing a beautiful Punjabi and carrying a pistol. And Raghunath is playing bronze and creating the atmosphere of Pujo there. If so, what is the difference between the fortunes of the two metals? Raghunath was asked, does he study? He replied, “I study in class six. The school is closed for a long time. There are no books to read. There is a great shortage at home. My mother is ill. Grandma is old.”

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Raghunath may get the vaccine. “But will that change his fate like the other five children?” In this discussion Bersik said the visitor of one of the mandapas. ‘Then who will play the brass?’ This time the pujo is over. Raghu will return to the village. He does not know when the call to play pujo will come again! However, in Pujo, Raghu and Murari can be seen in a circle every time. That sound of the abyss will be heard again and again, ‘The coming year will be again, the year will go on.’

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