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Durga Puja 2021 | Coronavirus: Coronavirus is still there! So Durga Puja 2021 is not a hug this year either


#Kolkata: In New Normal Puja (Durga Puja 2021) this time everything was according to the rules. And this time in the gero of that rule, hug. As seen in the past years, after the idol Niranjan in the Ganges, everyone embraces. But this time too, ‘two yards is the distance’ must be obeyed. As a result, just raise your hand and say hello. Although many people are saying about health, first health, then tradition.

Sudip Chatterjee came to Niranjan for 55 years. After reading Tagore in the water, he became sweet and hugged. This time though he could not reach the ghat. Because according to the rules, only two people are allowed to go to Niranjan place. There is no chance for the members to come together even after Niranjan is completed. As a result, cola porters are not allowed again. Sudip Babu says, “I have never had such an experience before. This is the custom of Bengalis. We could not hug each other this year. But we are bowing with our hands up. There is nothing to do this year. We hope there will be another hug next year.”

Chinmoy Roy of Jadavpur had the same experience. He also says, “Our joint family. There on Dashmi (Durga Puja 2021) grandparents or elders are hugged on Dashmi day. None of this happened this year.” Despite the upset tone, many have accepted the new rules. Such as Divyajyoti Mukherjee. The college-going boy says, “If you don’t follow the tradition for a year, nothing bad will happen. But if you get sick, it will be a problem for more than one person.” Vijay Roy agreed with this statement.

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He also said, “We all get together during Puja (Durga Puja 2021). Many of us come from outside. As a result, if someone is infected, there is a risk of many spreading. So nothing bad happened because there was no hug.” In this way, after the Pujo Meter, a different opinion has emerged about the eternal embrace of the Bengalis. However, Firhad Hakim, the administrator of Kolkata Municipality, said that there is definitely a regret. However, all will be settled next year. The joy will be doubled. We have repeatedly warned this year as well. I hope people will be aware of themselves. As a result, despite the regrets, there are Bengalis in hope.

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