Durga Puja 2021: In the social context of Atimari, the idea of ​​social service puja is ‘another fog’

Kolkata: The fog of autumn has turned into a haze of crisis. Life is going on in the middle of it. Must continue, so. Life partner today has some panic. Deep hesitation chasing after. Surrounded by a strange darkness, everyone seems to be perplexed. In this social context of the Corona period, the idea of ​​social service association puja (Durga Puja 2021) is “another fog”.

Covid 19 Pandemic and Lockdown are fragmented collages of life in their worship. Masks, sanitizers, physical distances, messy life online. Turmoil How blurry around. Like fog. Yet life goes on in the middle of it

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Artist Bimal Samanta is thinking of mandapasajjar of Samajsebi Sangh Here and there around the mandapa, someone is worried with his hand on his cheek Someone is taking classes online again by opening the laptop In the corona atmosphere, fragmentary diaries of the society have been painted all over the mandapa. One of the mediums of art is being developed in miniature form from seven-seventeen to seventeen in daily life.

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Durgatinashini Durga appeared with the light of hope in the fog of terrible danger. The mandapa is being built keeping in mind the Kovidabidhi and keeping the three sides open. Visitors will be able to see the mandapa and idols from the road. The organizers of the autumn festival want to invite the arrival while maintaining caution

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