#Kolkata: Today, delicious food can be found sitting at home from 6th to 10th. Courtesy of State Panchayat and Rural Development Department. For five days in a row, WBCADC under the Panchayat office will deliver all kinds of food from house to house. Home delivery was also organized by the Area Development Corporation on the day of Mahalaya. There were also special arrangements during the time of the chariot This time it will be maintained in Pujo.

How to match this food at home? These meals can be booked via phone and WhatsApp. If you want lunch, you have to book by 9 pm the day before. And if you want dinner, you have to order by 10 am. The numbers that can be called and ordered through WhatsApp are – 9173323556, 9173312706, 81606941 and 8290225859. However, besides home delivery, food will also be available from Pandel.

Food will be available at the famous pandal of Kolkata, the office of the state panchayat office. What is on the Pujo menu? Today, on the sixth day at noon, there will be Radhaballavi, potato dum, basanti polao, fish paturi, chicken tan, chutney and sweet drink. Today’s price has been set at 400 rupees. On the menu for tomorrow, Saptami, there will be Saruchal rice, mug dal with fish head, fish butter fry, curd katla, mustard hilsa, chutney and sweet drink. The price has been set at 425 rupees. Some changes have been made in the menu of Ashtami. There are khichuri, labra, beguni, chutney, panpar, payes and sweet drink. The price will be 250 rupees per plate

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Now let’s come to the ninth menu There is fine rice, mug dal with fish head, fish fry, young goat soup, chutney, sweet yoghurt, sweets and drink. The price will be 425 rupees per plate. Dashmi menu includes white polao and Navaratna Korma. Besides, various sweets are being kept in Vijay’s menu. Among them are Lancha of Shaktigarh, Pantua of Ranaghat, Rasgolla of Bengal. Sitabhog and Mihidana of Burdwan by 100 grams The total price will be 365 rupees. And for those who want to have dinner from today till Dashmi, their menu is chicken biryani, chicken pressure and raita. The cost is only 350 rupees. Because of corona, many people, especially the elderly, avoid going to hotels or restaurants to eat. It is not possible for many to go out again due to illness. This initiative has been taken in Pujo for them. Earlier, special menus were also organized on the day of Mahalaya and Rath Jatra.

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