Durga Puja 2021: Lighting with Dhak and Kansar, Howrah-Sealdah-Kolkata-Asansol Station

Kolkata: Disappearance of Durgotsab (Durga Puja 2021) Howrah and Sealdah stations were seen differently in this puja. The local train is not running till late at night There are some special long distance trains And some staff special 6 is going on As a result, there is no crowd of that familiar pujo at any station at the time of Atimari

In other years, during Pujo, the volume changes at Howrah, Sealdah station. In the crowd of millions of people, the unfamiliar form of the familiar station was revealed. There are no trains without specials this year. And a large part of those who came to see Tagore in Calcutta came by local train. This time it was closed all night.

However, in the atmosphere of Durgapuja, the station premises have been decorated with decorative lights As a result, like the previous years, this time too, the familiar station looks very unfamiliar from outside. Howrah station building is always beautiful. The beauty of Howrah Bridge is due to its location on the banks of the Ganges. This time the station has been decorated with three colored lights. The idol of Goddess Durga is wrapped in a garland of light.

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Besides, the station premises have also become a combination of dhak and kansar. Although the food plaza is sorted every time. This time the picture was not captured. Sealdah station is decorated with colorful green lights. The metro station under construction has also been illuminated. The inside of Sealdah station has changed. However, this time there is no need to gossip as the passengers are not like before However, those who are coming to catch the long-distance train also say that they are feeling bad, but the external light of the station creates the mood of Pujo.

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The Ministry of Railways has already tweeted this illumination of the station. According to Eastern Railway sources, the divisional headquarters has been beautifully arranged. Stay connected with Pujo to make everyone feel good. So the station has been arranged in this way as always. Asansol and Kolkata stations have been set up. There is a huge demand for ‘Train on Wheels’ restaurant at Asansol station. There are several pujas next to Kolkata station. Besides, the spa and food plaza of the station is also one of the attractions.

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