Durga Puja 2021 Recipe Puchkaman Street Food Ka Superhero providing hygienic fast food rc, Durga Puja 2021

#Kolkata: It’s really hard to find people who don’t like to eat phukka. Also in Calcutta. Tamarind water, various spices, boiled chickpeas, Gandharaja, the smell of lemon is wafting around … Serve with potato puree on shawl leaves. Fuchka lovers are waiting anxiously around the shop. This scene is always visible in the alleys of Kolkata. Fuchka is the most popular street food in Kolkata.

Chocolate fluff. Chocolate fluff.

Maggie Fuchka. Maggie Fuchka.

Corn cheese fluff. Corn cheese fluff.

Potatoes and yogurt fluff. Potatoes and yogurt fluff.

With the change of days, different tastes have come in the food. Nowadays, in various hotels and restaurants, all kinds of fusion food is on people’s tongues. But experiments with fluke are rare. ‘Fuchkaman’, of course, says otherwise (Durga Puja 2021 | Puchkaman). ‘Durga Puja 2021 | Puchkaman’ has hit the market with the tagline ‘Street Food Superhero’. Their aim is to make Kolkata’s most popular street food more popular by serving it in a slightly different way. Their specialty, taste as well as cleanliness is of course.

Crush. Crush.

Chicken Fuchka. Chicken Fuchka.

Corn cheese pavvaji. Corn cheese pavvaji.

‘Fuchkaman’ is giving a new kind of fuchka to the people of Kolkata with a combination of traditional tamarind water potato fuchka and various ingredients. They have already opened outlets in Dumdum, Behala, Goriya, Basirhat, Kamalgazi and Thakurpukur since 2016. In the future, ‘Fuchkaman’ wants to bring such Fuchka food lovers to the plate all over the state. Captains Sujoy Bose, SK Saikat and Jayita Mitra said that they are making about 15 types of phuchka. And Calcutta has started to love them. They claim that this is the only ‘quick service restaurant’ in eastern India.

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Corn cheese fluff. Corn cheese fluff.

Cheese Sejuan Putin. Cheese Sejuan Putin.

Plates in the range of 20-60-90-100-110-150 rupees contain various fusion fuchsas like chocolate, corn cheese, corn cheese chicken, maggi, chicken, ghugani, Fuchkaman’s Special Fuchka. With assorted delicious water and chutney. There is also a special bucket arrangement for this year’s pujo. 4-5 people can go together and taste different types of phuchka in a customized way. There are options like Churmur, Canada’s Special Street Food Putin, Mexico’s Koashedilash and Mumbai’s Pao Bhaji. There are various combos and special offers for Pujo. There will be special discounts for students. ‘Happy Hours’ runs from 1.30 pm to 3.30 pm. So one day Pujo is going to ‘Fuchkaman’ with friends or relatives? Contact– 79602842.

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