#Kolkata: The stick fell on the cover. This year’s Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021) started at Tangra’s slave house. The pujo will start on September 29 and will continue for 18 days. Nityapujo will be held from tomorrow till Mahalaya. There will be special pujo from Ekadashi to Sasthi. Then there will be Mahapujo from the seventh to the ninth. Idol Niranjan on Vijaya Dashami. Pujo has started. So naturally the slave house has been buzzing with people since morning. At present, the residents of the house are on Anand Palit Road, but the pujo is performed in Shil Lane, the original house of the two male slaves. There is a place of Durga Puja next to the house of Radha-Krishna, the god of the house.

Two children of the slave family. Didi doctor Moumita Das, brother Prosenjit Das is an engineer by profession. In the words of Moumita, ‘There is no dream order in this pujo. All that is left is to retain the traditional Indian culture. Holding on to the Indian tradition, practicing it. Durga is not a one-day, daily worship. The name Durga has to be uttered every morning. Every time she goes out, her mother-grandmother utters ‘Durga-Durga’. Pujo is sometimes based on Raghunandan’s ‘Durgotsab theory’, sometimes according to Vidyapati’s ‘Durgabhaktitarangini’. Sometimes worship is done according to Shulpani’s writing ‘Durgotsab Vivek’ This book is older than Raghunandan or Vidyapati

Throughout the year, other worshipers worship Radhakrishna at the slave house. In Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021), however, Prosenjit Das, the only son of the family, plays the role of a priest. Earlier, his sister and doctor Moumita Das also joined as priests. After marriage, however, Moumita is no longer in that role. On this day, Prosenjit, 38, said, ’11 years ago, Didi and I decided to do Durga Pujo together. But not Mahapujo. They will start worship from the ninth of Krishnapaksha. Also, I will do all the work of Pujo myself. It has been going on since then. ‘

Home worship does not mean that the householder will be above all. Pradeep Kumar Das, the landlord of Shil Lane near Ananda Palit Lane, is on top of all this, but the pujota belongs to his brothers and sisters. Pujo was always a tradition at home. But Durgapujo was not. Pradeep Babu’s two children Moumita and Prosenjit had been interested in Pujo since childhood. But after growing up, it started to flow in other genres.

But when all the pujas start on Shukla Sasthi, why is it different here? Why Durga Puja 2021 for 18 days? Prosenjit said, ‘Elsewhere worship is done according to Raghunandan theory. Just as Raghunandan was a Smritikar, so is another Shulpani of Smritikar. According to the great Nandikeswara Purana, according to his Durgotsab-Vivek, worship should be from Krishna Navami to Shukla Nabami. We worship according to that ritual. ‘

Prosenjit’s sister Moumita is a doctor by profession Just in the tide of excitement, the two of them have reached Durgapujo, many yojanas away from their profession, wanting to know more about Pujo. So they themselves sit in the priest’s seat Pujo is described in the books of various memoirs of the Puranas The water, soil and oil of Upachar are procured by them themselves without being bought from Dasakarma Bhandar.

In the words of Prosenjit, ‘Actually the rules of Durgotsab (Durga Puja 2021) are very strict For example, you have to wake up in the morning Options are also less Therefore, in the worship of Bengal, those who worship the great Nandikeshwar Purana follow Raghunandan. He is very flexible. ‘ Again, although the rules of mother’s pujo are scattered, there is no such provision regarding pujo of four sons and daughters In other words, there are many challenges

Biswajit Saha and good luck

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