Durga Puja 2021: The story of fragmented life is woven in the mandapasajja of Durgotsab

Kolkata: Mandapasajja (Durga Puja 2021) with the diary of those whose livelihood is the means of survival. Has the life of their day to day life become normal after the push of Corona? Have you been able to return to the old rhythm? The story of that torn life is woven in the mandapasajja of Santoshpur Trikon Park Durga Puja.

Corona panic has gripped life. In addition to life, the earnings of countless people have become captives. Especially, the condition of the families is deplorable. Life has become miserable. Their struggle, this time in the autumn festival of Santoshpur Triangle Park.

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Mandapasajjara wear, have been tied to the documents of the recent difficult times. From Barabazar to Posta Bazar, Girish Park, large parts of North Kolkata are inhabited by working people. Details of the adjacent gersthali ever in the installation. Never again in a video presentation.

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Asim Pal, the artist in charge of mandapasajjara, came out with a camera in his hand. He has captured the diaries of working people around the city. They are being shown in the mandapa. Bricks, wood, iron, tin to rickshaws, taxis … struggling movies of people working across the mandapa.

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