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Durga Puja 2022 | Kumartuli || Kumortuli is looking for a lifeline to cope with the rising cost of idols, corona and inflation.


#Kolkata: This time the situation is much better after Corona weather. The pujo organizers have started traveling to Kumartuli long before the chariot. And in this situation, the artists want to make up for their losses. Kumortuli has suffered a lot in the last two Corona weather. In 2020, the entrepreneurs had to perform pujo by bowing to the corona. Worship was restricted to everything from seeing the deity. The size of the idol was small. The income of the Pujo Committee was also cut off. As a result, the artists had to suffer a lot of losses. Although they made idols by spending their accumulated capital, many could not raise that cost. This Durga Pujo is the main source of livelihood for many artists throughout the year. Next time, it means that even though the ban was lifted a lot last year, Coronasur woke up again during Pujo. As a result, Kumortuli was hit hard in that bar as well.

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But this time the situation is much more favorable. The tax situation is very much under control. After being practically closed for two years, the enthusiasm of the people in Pujo is much higher. Entrepreneurs have also stepped up their efforts as the festival has been recognized by UNESCO. This time in Kumortuli there is more of a big idol. However, the prices of goods have gone up a lot. In the midst of all this, the entrepreneurs are hopeful that the entrepreneurs will pay a little generously.

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Kumortuli artist Indrajith Pal said, “The price of goods has gone up a lot. The price of raw material for making idols has gone up. Labor cost, transportation cost has gone up. This time the demand of Tagore is good, especially the demand of Big Tagore. The baina has started since the holy Baishakh. The bhakti is being made as usual. “

Mintu Pal, another artist from Kumortuli, said, “Prices will go up by at least 30 percent. If you sell less than what has gone up, the artists will have nothing left. The demand for Tagore is also good. I hope the Pujo entrepreneurs will understand. Artists. I hope I can get over this time if I get a good price. ” All in all, the artists are bracing for hope. The only thing on everyone’s mind is that it will be better to worship this time.


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