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Durga Puja 2022 || World Durgapujo countdown begins! Where is the north-south, east-west of Kolkata?


#Good luck, Kolkata: 100 … 99 … 96 … 98 … The countdown to the universal Durgapuja has begun. Although worshiped in 2022 and 2021 for Corona, the splendor did not go that way. Even when people saw Tagore, they were afraid of getting infected in their minds. But this time there is no such thing as fear. Although the number of coronaviruses has increased significantly recently, the vaccination process has progressed a lot. So from pujo entrepreneurs to theme makers, everyone is optimistic. The potters of Kumartuli are also hoping to make a profit after overcoming a two-year hurdle.

Durgapujo in Kolkata has been recognized by UNESCO. Members and artists of all the pujo committees from Kolkata to the big ones took to the streets to celebrate the success of getting the best recognition on the world stage. The crowd overflowed to see the colorful procession. And since then, it is as if more hope has been created in people about worship. As a result, it can be assumed that this time the pujo will be on a much larger scale and people from other states or from home and abroad may also come to see it. There are only 100 days left for the puja, so the work has started in the mandapa mandapa. OK theme. Installation work has also started somewhere. But there is still a lot of time left, so most of the members of the Pujo Committee are reluctant to reveal the theme. However, it is known that the costumes of several themes.

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Nakatala Udayan Sangha, one of the largest pujo in Kolkata, has artist Pradeep Das in charge of their mandapasajjara. The young team will also be formed in the hands of Pradeep. Arjunpur will be transformed by the touch of artist Bhabatosh Sutar, all of us and the idol of Sikdar Garden is being made by his hands Bakulbagan is decorating the traditional dinda and the idol of Hatibagan Sarvajanin will also be made in his hands. Subrata Bandyopadhyay is in charge of the overall implementation of Suruchi Sangh. The idol and mandapa of Thakurpukur SB Park will be decorated by artist Perth Dasgupta. Kumortuli Sarvajanin and Khidirpur Palli Shardiya and Kalighat Milon Sangha mandapas and idols are in the hands of Bishwanath. Anirban Das will decorate Goriyahat Hindustan Club, Damdampark Bharat Chakra, Purbachal Shaktisangha and Alipur 6 Palli. Suruchi and Barisha Club are being formed by Rintu Das. Artist Sanjeev Saha is decorating Tala Baroari which is 102 years old.

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Artist Sushant Pal will decorate 95 Palli, Tala Park Pratya and Haridebpur Vivekananda Athletic Club. After several years, artist Amar Sarkar is returning to Pujo’s courtyard and will decorate the mandapa of invincible solidarity. পূর্ণ Artist Purnendu Dey is in charge of arranging the mandapa and idol of the village. Right next to it, artist Devtosh Kar is in charge of decorating the mandapa of Badamtala Ashar Sangh. Artist Bimal Samanta is arranging Chorbagan Sarvajanin and Vivekananda Sporting Club. The work of Chorbagan Sarvajanin has come a long way, this time their ‘inner strength’. Artist Gouranga Quilla in charge of Tridhara and Mudiali Pujo. Abhijit Ghatak will decorate Santoshpur Lekpalli. Artist Aditi Chakraborty is decorating Kashibos Lane and Behala Club. Artist Sourajit Bandyopadhyay is decorating the Shiva Temple in South Kolkata. Biman Saha will be decorated by Jodhpur Park Shardiya Festival Committee and Kalighat 84 Palli. Artist Manas Das will decorate the pavilion of Nalin Sarkar Street and Dumdumpark Youth Association.

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