Durga Puja Bus Service | Great gift for worship! Night service is being launched on these routes from Kolkata from today

#Kolkata: The facility of visiting Tagore in Pujo increased the visitors. The night service is going to be launched by the state transport department from today. This night bus (Durga Puja Bus Service) will run till the next Lakshmi Pujo. Earlier, night buses used to run even during normal hours. The night bus service was suspended due to service shutdown during the lockdown in Covid. Later, the night bus was stopped as the local train did not run in that sense. Many people wake up at night in the atmosphere of Pujo and see Thakur. So the night service is being launched from today assuming there will be passengers.

Buses will run on 14 routes in the next 11 days. The routes that will take night buses are from Howrah station to Airport, Barrackpore, Barasat, Kamalgazi, Goriya, Joka, Baliganj, Dunlop. This night service will run on 14 routes from Howrah station to Karunamayi, Shyambazar-Barasat, Esplanade from Belgachhia, Newtown from Howrah station.

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Earlier, buses used to run on two or three trips on all these routes. It has been decided to increase the number of trips. That means more buses will run. According to the officials of the transport department, the crowd will increase a lot on Sunday Panchami. As such, the number of buses will be increased from tomorrow. There is no night curfew now. As a result, it is believed that the crowd will be available even after Dashmi.

This year there is no metro service till dawn Even if the metro service is available till midnight, the metro will not be able to board the token. If you want to take the metro, you have to have a smart card. So the transport department like to meet the passengers in the night bus. However, there is no overnight local train this year. So to see how many passengers will travel from Howrah station after midnight. Besides government buses, there will be private buses on the road at night. Multiple private bus owners are interested in operating this bus.

There will also be auto on several routes. Taxis are available. Online cab so that the demand does not increase the fare. The state transport department is keeping an eye on that. All in all, the state government wants to keep public transport active.

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