Durga Puja Dhaki | They returned home long before they left

#Kolkata: Many are busy with the joy of Pujo. Many are worshiping with sorrow again. Apart from those, Pujo is not happy. Many of those drummers returned home sad. Courtesy of the mandapa not found during the puja. After waiting all night for the last three days, many drummers did not get quotes. As a result, the drummers have to return home empty handed.

Crowds began to gather from the third evening across the Howrah-Sealdah station premises. The drummers from Bankura, Purulia, Burdwan and Birbhum are returning home disappointed as they did not get any quotation. Shyamal Lohar came from Bankura. He says, “I spent four days in a row eating mosquito bites and dry mud. There is no such thing as earning money all year round. No, I have to go home with someone I can’t find. “

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The same statement was made by Pintu Rajak. This resident of Birbhum was not quoted last year. This was expected to get quoted this year. Although this time his hopes were not fulfilled. Waiting outside the Sealdah station for a long time did not match. Pintu Babu said, “When I got the money, I thought I would buy clothes for my son, daughter and wife. Last time I didn’t get those new clothes. I didn’t get any money this time either. I have to go back empty handed.”

This picture can be seen in big stations like Howrah and Sealdah. The same picture has been taken at the big station of Mofasbal. In fact, Pujo entrepreneurs also say that their budget is less this time. They can’t take drums as much as they can. I have to work on the machine a lot of the time. Somewhere again there has been a problem in bargaining. So even if he leaves home in the hope of earning money, he has to return home empty-handed.

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