#Kolkata: Six more days in hand. Finally, the state issued guidelines on puja (Durga Puja Guideline 2021). Keeping in mind the Corona situation, the state informed that there will be no carnival this time as well. The state has made it clear that no fair or carnival centered on the Durga Puja mandapa will be allowed.

The state guidelines clearly state that the use of masks in mandapas is mandatory. Hand sanitizer should be kept in each mandapa. Emphasis should be placed on social media so that the mandapa philosophy can be arranged. Pujo should not be done at the inauguration. The splendor of abandonment should not be kept. The statement said the fire service Pujo Committee would receive the shots free of charge. Electricity will be available with 50 percent discount. Read more-The video of crushing farmers in Yogi state is viral, the question that Priyanka asked directly to Modi

According to the state government, no cultural program will be held this year either. The pandal should be in an open environment. Each entry and exit point must be specified.

Judges have been instructed to make any event that will be awarded as small as possible. You have to try to do it from 10 pm to 3 am. On this day, the state has issued 11 points guideline (Durga Puja Guideline 2021).

Details coming …

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