#Kolkata: There is a saying that whoever cooks, he also ties his hair. And the one who manages the family with efficient hands. He can turn the country and the world around with skilled hands. Emphasis was placed on this Durga Pujo to empower women entrepreneurs involved in the tourism business. Much of the women’s empowerment strategy is on the road to showing or introducing the country to the world. For the past several years, the state government has been working to bring Bengal’s Durga Pujo to the forefront of the world. Several public and private sectors have taken initiative to expand the tourism business. To that end, the pujo of several Banedi houses in Kolkata was shown with 20 female members of the state.

The tour was arranged by India Tourism and Tourism, an agency of the Union Ministry of Tourism. The initiative was taken by the Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India or ADTOI. Its sowing started two years ago. Lady Entrepreneur Officer was nominated at the national and state level by the Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India.

The organization has been expanded to promote tourism by keeping in touch with all the women involved in various creative activities in the state. The real goal was for women to become more financially independent. For that reason, the traditional houses of Calcutta like Shobhabazar Rajbari, Rani Rasmoni’s Rajbari, Hatkhola Dattabari, Chandrabari are shown around. In fact, the story, tradition and context of Durga Pujo of all these houses have been presented to the members.

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According to ADTOI, the main goal of the visit was to involve women entrepreneurs so that the pujo of Bengal could be brought to the court of the world. However, pujo is no longer just about seeing a deity, buying new clothes or fighting a theme. Associated with it, a variety of food, enjoyment of all these arrangements. Therefore, even after the pujo of the bondi house, this pujo has been practiced In fact, in the coming days, it has been seen what kind of outline can be created around this one of the biggest festivals in the world.

Debjit, one of the tourism experts, said, “If this program is implemented properly in the future, it is possible to bring Durga Pujo to the business map in a better way by showcasing it.

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