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#Kolkata: Rice bran with cumin, rice itself with turmeric. With color. Fake Spice Racket in Kolkata. Mix 100 grams of that chemical in 10 kg. In this way he was saying, the spice breaker trader Uttam Deb. His spice factory in Nimtala.

This is the best panda for preparing adulterated spices. Uttam Dev was teaching how to start a spice business. Turmeric powder can be made by mixing rice powder with turmeric and mixing color and talcum powder at the rate of 60 rupees per kg. However, at least two hundred kg should be quoted. Chilli powder will be prepared at the rate of 90 rupees per kg. The chilli powder, mixed with brick powder, red industrial dye and a kind of chemical will make the curry gorgeous red and very salty.

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He taught that first of all, you have to take quotations from hotels. Those who buy spices at much lower prices are then asked to catch shots in the market.

In the words of Prashant Biswas, a researcher at Jadavpur University, ‘These inedible things are being fed to the common man. Industrial dyes contain carcinogens. Which causes cancer. Ordinary people are being deprived of the medicinal properties of spices in particular. This spice is doing extreme harm to people. Especially children. ‘

Tons and tons of powdered spices are reaching from there to the wholesale shops of Barabazar. The names of one or two employees of the enforcement branch of Kolkata Police also said that the business of adulterated spices is good. Those officers of the enforcement branch went to check the spices.

How is this adulterated spice business going on day after day in public? That question is coming to the fore The business of adulterated spices has come to light before, but the business is still booming.

If you go to Posta area, you can see that there are two or three types of yellow chilli powder in different shops. When asked about this adulterated turmeric, the traders said, “If not in this way, we shopkeepers will die.” So where is the human food security?

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