#Kolkata: NHAI authorities want to speed up work on the East-West corridor of national highways in the state. This project has been going on for the last two years. As an effort, RP Singh, the general manager of the NHAI’s state, wrote a letter to the then chief secretary of the state, Alapan Banerjee. The letter was accompanied by a copy of the interim directions in the public interest litigation in the division bench of the Calcutta High Court. Work on the important East-West corridor then began at the initiative of the state. District governors have been instructed to work to resolve various issues, including land.

Work got stuck between Ghoshpukur and Dhupguri. After acquiring the land and going to work, there was a problem due to law and order. The state government has assured that all these issues will be resolved. However, the National Road Authority has to face problems from time to time while going to work. So again they are seeking the help of the state. A division bench of Justice Sanjeev Banerjee and Justice Arijit Banerjee of the Calcutta High Court directed the hearing of the case. The National Roads Authority will have to provide all possible assistance to the concerned district administrations to get the land for the four-lane road.

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However, due to lack of land, work on the East-West Highway corridor was once closed in the state. Due to lack of land, work is stuck in the state. East-West corridor is being constructed from Silchar to Porbandar. The budget of this project in the state is 1600 crore rupees. Work was stalled due to lack of land in Kochbihar and Alipurduar districts. This project is divided into two parts. The first part is from Dhupguri to Salsabari. The total distance of this part is 72 km. The distance from Dhupguri to Falakata is 29 km. Land acquisition and DPR work is going on in this part. The other part is to make incense bypass.

The problem has started from the time of survey work here. The second part of the project is from Falakata to Salsabari. The distance of this part is 43 kilometers. Work on the project started in January 2019. The contractor company wanted to stop the work due to lack of land. The district governors were asked about the land more than once. The work of this project was stopped due to non-fulfillment of the problem. The High Court had also appointed a special officer to oversee the smooth construction of the four-lane east-west road.

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Alipurduar and Kochbihar districts together will build about 42 km long road. The part of the landlords of the part where the land did not match has taken compensation. But another part has been sued demanding an increase in the rate of compensation. The National Roads Authority (NRA) had said in a letter to Navanne that there should be no legal impediment to getting the land even if the dispute over the compensation rate continues. From Ghoshpukur to Dhupguri and from Falataka to Salsalabari কাজ these two sections were started by the National Roads Authority. After that about eight years have passed but no part of the work has been completed. The land has come to a standstill.

After Thursday’s meeting, the National Roads Authority (NRA) is expected to move ahead with the construction of one of the most important national highways in North Bengal. All in all, the northern road is moving forward at the initiative of the state.


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