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#Kolkata: The sale of cut fruits in public has long been banned. But still in Kolkata (Kolkata News) starting from different bus stands in front of the market, cut fruits are sold. Lots of cut fruits are being sold under the overbridge at Barabazar on Strand Road in Kolkata. Small cars are traveling on both sides starting from big cars. Leaving the cut fruit in it is being sold. People are eating the cut fruit while standing in that unhealthy environment. It was found that there was a lot of ripe papaya in the cut fruit. These ripe papayas are mainly rolled with carbide. As a result, ripe papaya shoots were seen rotting in several places. As many papayas were found in the basket – all of them contained fungus.

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A man is peeling papaya by cutting rotten places with a knife in his hand. A papaya is being crushed and sold in a small solar bowl. Those who buy and eat, they do not know how much poison they are eating! Professor Prashant Kumar Biswas, a researcher in food and technology and biochemical engineering at Jadavpur University, said: Car wash contains a large amount of lead. A few days ago, according to a Gazette published by the Geological Survey of India, every food in Kolkata contains more than 30 per cent lead. Which is abundantly harmful to the human body. In addition, there are a lot of heavy metal objects.

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He also said, ‘The rotten place in that papaya is infected with fungus. The toxins that are produced there can lead to cancer in the human body. The fruits are just cutting. But not washing with water. As a result, more toxins are likely to remain. If there is fungus in the bread, children can become blind from bottling infection by eating that bread. Besides, there is food poisoning. If the fruit is cut on the open road, the fruit is not sold immediately. It takes time to sell. Bacteria attack wet things very quickly. Fruits have been cut and sold in large quantities here for a long time. Experts claim that the practice of selling such fruits should be stopped as soon as possible.

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