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#Kolkata: Hurricane Gulab has brought down a terrible disaster in the skies of Bengal. It has been raining continuously for two days in a row. In the meantime, by-elections will be held in the state at midnight. High voltage voting in Bhabanipur. There are also district elections. In this situation, therefore, the Election Commission (West Bengal By Poll) is in full swing. The Election Commission has already taken several measures for the disaster.

Transparent polythene bags will be provided to keep the EVM machine safe. So that the EVM machine gets wet. Raincoats are being given to every voting worker. Sheds are being arranged in each booth keeping in mind the rain. The commission has made this arrangement so that the polling staff can safely take all the voting materials from the DC RC Center. This is the first time (Election Commission || West Bengal By Poll) has been given to the workers.

The places where water has accumulated have already been identified by the Election Commission (West Bengal By Poll) through a joint inspection with KMC. There will always be pumps in those places to get the water out. The Disaster Management Department and the Civil Defense Department are arranging for two boats to be used when the water level rises above three feet.

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Besides, transport arrangements are being made and stored for two separate rescue operations. The Kolkata Municipality has inspected 96 booths and identified waterlogging. The municipality is taking special measures for him. The CSC has been instructed to take special measures for rain so that there is no problem related to electricity in any way.

On the other hand, security issues are also being targeted. On the day of the by-election (WB By Election), Lalbazar has instructed the police to ensure that no security guard has a gun or firearm within 100 meters of the polling station. Section 144 has been implemented within 200 meters of the polling station from 6:30 pm till the end of polling on Tuesday evening on the instructions of the Commissioner of Police. No more than five people can gather here. With no stones, weapons, fireworks or explosives.

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Increased awareness of the Election Commission to ensure relevant, free and fair by-elections. Web-casting is being arranged in every booth of the Chief Minister’s own center. In other words, the Election Commission officials will be able to monitor how the voters are voting in all the booths, what percentage of the votes are being cast, all sitting in Delhi.

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