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ECMO patient recovers and returns home in 45 days, city setting precedent in medical field


#Kolkata: A 45-day war came to an end. The patient, who had been in ECMO support for nearly a month and a half due to a complex respiratory illness, returned home healthy on June 16. And this impossibility has been made possible by Medica Superspeciality Hospital Kolkata.

It is necessary to say briefly what is eco support when you come to this place. The whole point of this medical term is Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation. Simply put, when the heart or lungs of a critically ill patient stop working, the experienced physicians in the field begin to try to keep the patient alive with the help of this support. In this case, the oxygen supply to the blood is maintained by artificial respiration and oxygen is sent to the brain and the limbs. That is why the patient’s family members get worried when they need eco support.

The Medicare ECMO team is led by Eco Physician and Critical Care Specialist Dr. Arpan Chakraborty and Dr. Arpan Chakraborty. Dr. Dipanjan Chatterjee. The hospital has always come up with world class critical care and organ support treatments like ECOMO. Not only this, Heart / Lung Transplant services are also provided here in Eastern India.

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Mr. Kumar, a 50-year-old resident of Toronto, Canada, recently visited his home in Dhanbad. There he fell seriously ill and was found to be an elderly man with acute pancreatitis. First aid is given at a local nursing home in Dhanbad. But as the condition deteriorated, the patient was referred to Medica Super Specialty Hospital at the end of April. Dr. Arpan Chakraborty and Dr. Under the care of Dipanjan Chattopadhyay, Mr. Kumar was brought from Dhanbad to EMCO Support at Medica Super Specialty Hospital, Kolkata. It took about six and a half hours to bring the patient through this 300 km ECOMO transport. Echo physicians, perfusionists, physician assistants and members of Karma were behind the success of this whole operation.

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After being brought to Calcutta, the old man was examined. He is known to have diabetes and acute pneumonia. At the same time, it can be seen that the blood pressure of that adult is very low. Doctors at the hospital said Mr Kumar had acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), septic shock and severe hemodynamic instability. Two weeks later, the condition of the critically ill patient showed some improvement. He was then slowly removed from the echo and ventilator. The adult’s tracheostomy is also performed. With intensive rehabilitative physiotherapy the patient soon begins to sit and walk beside his bed. Finally, after 45 days, he fully recovered and returned home from the hospital. Mr. Kumar will be back in Toronto soon.

The hospital’s eco team led by two doctors. Arpan Chakraborty and Dr. Dipanjan Chattopadhyay said, “The biggest challenge for us is to protect critically ill patients on the streets through eco support. In this case too, the 6-and-a-half hour tour was the most difficult. And the good thing is, everything was fine at that time. The patient is then given a tracheostomy. And with the help of this process, the function of the patient’s lungs is improved. However, the patient was kept on ventilation until significant improvement in pulmonary function. After the condition improved, the patient began to move slowly. We are grateful to his family and friends in India and abroad. Because they were all on our side in this fight and helped as much as we could in this fight. ”

Medica Group of Hospitals Chairman. Dr. Alok Roy said, “Medica has always played a leading role in advanced medicine. And with the help of ECOMO, we have been able to save lives by rescuing patients from remote areas. And we are very proud of our doctors, because they are providing world-class services to people in this part of the country. ”

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