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#Kolkata: Learning from the incident of indecency in Bidhannagar, this time a new initiative of Kolkata Police. Hot line kiosks are being set up for the convenience of women. (Hot Line Kiosk in Kolkata) If you are in danger, night or day, you can come directly to this kiosk at any time and report it. Kolkata Police is the first such initiative in the whole country

This kiosk has been set up on the opposite side of Alipore Zoo From this smart kiosk, you can ask for help directly from the police as well as lodge complaints. As soon as you enter this kiosk, there is a foot printer sticker on the front. As soon as the complainant woman stands there, she sees a screen in front of her. If you touch that online screen, you can report directly to Lalbazar Control and Alipore Police Station. Police officers will be able to talk to the complainant even in a direct video call. Complainant through video call directly to Lalbazar control or local police station or zonal control room.

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In addition to this, there is a place to type the phone number on the video screen. Besides, if there is any difficulty in the video call, there is also the facility to complain on the phone. As soon as you pick up the phone, it will go to the control room in Lalbazar. There is another kiosk right next to it Wherever there will be police personnel deployed at all times, CCTV cameras will also be used to keep an eye on everything. The light inside this kiosk will be lit by solar energy.

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Even if someone makes a phone call to confuse the police, it will be caught through CCTV cameras. Apart from Alipore, Kolkata Police has plans to set up similar hot line kiosks in other police station areas. Police Assistance Booth, Police Kiosk, After 100 Dial, Hot Line Kiosk has been launched in the city with the latest technology. The safety of women has been kept in mind through such smart kiosks. However, not only women, but anyone in danger can ask for help from this kiosk, police said

This is a new initiative of Kolkata Police after the recent incident of molestation of a young girl at Uttar Bidhan Nagar Police Station. The kiosk was visited by DC South Akash Magharia and DC Traffic Arijit Sinha on Tuesday. Akash Megharia said, “In case of any problem, citizens can lodge a complaint directly with Lalbazar Control or the local Alipore Police Station from this smart hotline kiosk.”

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