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Kolkata: The state has already expressed interest in opening a school-college (Bratya Basu | WB School Reopening). But it all depends on the Covid-19 situation. “Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is keeping an eye on the health infrastructure of the entire state. The education department has taken steps as per his advice considering the Corona situation, “said state education minister Bratya Basu (WB School Reopening) on ​​Sunday.

Dumdum MLA Bratya Basu was present at a press conference at the Dumdum assembly constituency on Sunday. Responding to a question from reporters on the day, the Education Minister (Bratya Basu | WB School Reopening) said, “The Chief Minister (CM Mamata Banerjee) will take a decision after reviewing the situation. The school college will be opened as per his decision. ”

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Earlier, the Chief Minister (CM Mamata Banerjee) had announced that there was a possibility of opening a school after Pujo. The education world thought that educational institutions could open after Kalipujo. The Chief Minister then said that the government would take a decision only after judging the situation in Corona before opening it.

After the completion of Durgapujo, there was a natural interest in opening an educational institution (Bratya Basu | WB School Reopening). Bratya Basu answered him that day. He said, “The main issue for us is hygiene. Considering the issue of health, the Chief Minister (CM Mamata Banerjee) will give the final instructions. He is the most knowledgeable about the health infrastructure of the entire state. He monitors the health situation of the entire state. We will act accordingly at the moment he gives instructions. The decision that will be taken will be informed to everyone step by step. ”

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The recent political issues have also come up in the speech of the Education Minister on this day. The BJP is trying to take political advantage by creating religious divisions. But the people of the state have rejected it. They lost the election by playing this card. Bravatyababu thinks that people will answer him if he continues to do this politics. According to him, the BJP will feel the evils of the politics of division in the upcoming municipal, panchayat and Lok Sabha elections.

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