#Kolkata: People of Ballygunge By Election have seen that man (Subrata Mukherjee) for the last 15 years. Although this Baliganj has been seeing him for a long time. And since that person is not there, Ekdalia is upset when the ballot box is sounded again. Even a year ago, during the Assembly vote, there was activity on the streets of Mandevilla Gardens. Today, the heat seems to be lost somewhere.

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Ballygunge By Election. Because there is no Subrata Mukherjee. The Calcutta Municipality wants to name a street in the city after the late former minister and mayor Subrata Mukherjee. Kolkata Metropolitan Firhad Hakim has already informed about this. He has graced the post of Mayor of Calcutta Municipality. During his tenure, there has been a lot of improvement in public services, such as the city dwellers. Mayor Firhad Hakim has taken several plans to pay homage to the late former mayor and minister of state Subrata Mukherjee. The mayor himself has already said this during the administrative meeting of the municipality at the town hall.

It is learned that a road in Baliganj will be named after Subrata Mukherjee. Besides, a museum will also be built in his name. The mayor has instructed to find land for this. Ekdalia Evergreen Club treasurer and long time friend of Subrata Mukherjee, Swapan Mohapatra said, “Ekdalia and Subrata Mukherjee are synonymous. Ekdalia cannot be considered without him. He came to Ekdalia in 1981. He has been here for 50 years. He has been on Ekdalia Road at different times. This road is now known as Ekdalia Road. Although this road was named after PC government a few years ago. Now let the municipality see which road they will name. But we want Ekdalia Road to be named after Subrata Mukherjee. No one can think that voting is going on but Subrata Mukherjee is not on that road. “

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The councilors of Calcutta Municipality had a meeting at the town hall last February. Mayor Firhad Hakim was. There the councilors presented various information about their wards. After listening to everyone, the mayor himself went to speak and said that the museum and the road in Baliganj are being named after Subrata Mukherjee. Subrata Mukherjee’s house where the councilor of that ward Sudarshana Mukherjee said, “Everything is being investigated by the municipality. It is true that the locals want Ekdalia Road to be named after Subrata Mukherjee. All decisions will be taken after checking all the procedures. We are also looking for multiple roads that are used. “

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On the other hand, according to the municipal sources, the construction work of the museum will start soon. This was stated by Mayor Firhad Hakim at the town hall session. According to sources, the municipality has plans to build this museum in the vicinity of Ekdalia Club. Swapan Babu said, “If the state wants, we can give a part of our club for archiving. There are multiple memories of Subrata Mukherjee associated with this club. So if you want to archive here, welcome.” But no one can accept that voting is taking place in Ballygunge By Election due to the lack of physical presence of that colorful character of politics from beginning to end.

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