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Election Commission on WB By Poll Results: Election Commission on WB


#Kolkata: As the counting of votes in Bhabanipur by-election progresses, the gap between the votes of Mamata Banerjee and the rest of the contestants is widening. As far as the news is concerned, after the 15th round of counting, Mamata Banerjee is leading in Bhabanipur with 39,656 votes. In other words, Mamata is sure to win by a huge margin. In the meantime, in Kalighat, grassroots activists in different parts of the state have happily taken to the streets. Trinamool is on the way to win not only in Bhabanipur but also in Jangipur and Samsherganj. As a result, it is natural that the grassroots candidates will be lost in joy. But in this situation, the Election Commission imposed restrictions on the victory procession.

On the same day, the Election Commission issued a notification stating that the counting of the state by-elections on October 3 is underway. But then no victory procession can be held anywhere in the state. The Election Commission said that the instruction was due to the Corona situation. At the same time, the Election Commission has directed the state administration to take necessary steps to ensure that no post-count violence occurs anywhere in the state.

In the wake of the commission’s directive, Firhad Hakim, one of Mamata Banerjee’s generals in the Bhabanipur by-election, said, “We will be happy. I will eat. Everyone will be sweet. But there will be no victory procession anywhere. We will abide by it according to the party policy. Earlier this morning, Minister Firhad Hakim claimed that Mamata would win in Bhabanipur by 50,000-60,000 votes. “The BJP should have declared that we are no longer in this fight,” he quipped.

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However, victory celebrations have already started in different parts of the state. Trinamool activists and supporters are celebrating the victory by playing Abir at the corner of Barasat Colony. On the other hand, grassroots activists and supporters of Bhabanipur also rejoiced. Trinamool activists got drunk at the Kalighat festival to celebrate the victory of the party leader. Green Abir is flying.

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