Wednesday, June 29, 2022

EM Bypass: Bypass cars will be better, travel to the new flyover will be easier


#Kolkata: New Flyover in the heart of the city. This flyover is going to be above the EM Bypass. The circumference of the bypass is from Nonadanga Crossing or Laskarhat to Metro Cash & Carry. This flyover is going to be about 2.2 km long. The central expert body has already finalized the design of the flyover

There are going to be three, three and six lane flyovers across the two ends of the bypass. The central expert agency RITES has already examined the draft of the flyover and sent it to KMDA. The state urbanization department has proposed multiple flyovers to speed up the city. One of them is the new flyover on the bypass. Everyday there is a huge traffic jam from VIP Bazaar to Abhishikta Mor during office hours. A bypass was needed to meet that traffic. Since there is construction of metro rail from Goriya to the airport through the middle part of the bypass, there is difficulty in constructing new structures here. So this flyover will be built along the two ends of the bypass. Both ends are going to be 3 lanes. As a result, the number of vehicles plying, bypassing, will not be a problem for KMDA. The flyover from the VIP market will land at Metro Cash & Carry.

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An edge will descend from this part at the anointing intersection. According to RITES sources, this section will go down a lot on the metro line. Which will add to Anwar Shah Road. The maximum height of this part will be around 20 meters. The entire flyover will be higher than the pillars of the metro. It will usually be carried over the height of the pillars of the metro. That’s how RITES designed it. This flyover is going to be about 3 kilometers long. One end of the flyover will land near the Ruby junction on the inaugural part. As a result, all the vehicles that want to come from the airport to Goriyahat will use it. A southbound lane will descend to Abhishekta and all vehicles that want to go to Jadavpur will go there. Again a ramp will be built facing north from Abhishikta. As a result, all the vehicles coming from Jadavpur to Science City will be able to catch this ramp.

On the other hand, a sky walk is being constructed at the Ruby intersection under this bridge. It will be made for pedestrians. It will cost around Rs 500 crore to build the flyover. The work will be completed within three years. However, the state has not yet confirmed when the work will start.


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