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Environmentalists demand eco-friendly boats for rowing at Rabindra Sarobar – News18 Bangla


Venkateswara Lahiri, Kolkata- Follow boats and rescue boats are returning to Rabindra Sarobar. However, environmentalists have welcomed the initiative on the issue of pollution as well as saving human lives.

Environmentalist Somendra Mohan Ghosh said, “We have never opposed it. Our only demand was that Rabindra Sarobar, a national lake, should not be polluted by diesel-powered boats. That was the main reason for our objection.” The well-known environmentalist of the city also said, “We are hearing that the follow boat is battery powered and in case of any mishap or accident while rowing in Rabindra Sarovar, the petrol powered rescue boat will be used as emergency service. It will be more environmentally friendly if battery powered boats are used. Rabindra Sarobar can be saved from pollution. “

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According to the morning travelers who go to Rabindra Sarobar Lake every morning for fresh air, I hope the administration will abide by the directions of the Environmental Court in the coming days. Two students recently lost their lives in the violence of Kalbaishakhi while rowing Guidelines (SOPs) on rowing at Rabindra Sarobar have already been issued following the tragic incident. According to sources, KMDA and Kolkata Police have made it clear to the rowing clubs by sending SOPs. While rowing in Rabindra Sarobar, several questions were raised about the death of two students. This incident led to allegations of negligence on the part of the clubs. Learning from the last accident. If you want to go rowing in Rabindra Sarobar Lake, you have to follow certain guidelines. Otherwise rowing will not be allowed. The KMDA and the police have been formed jointly after the deaths of two teenagers while rowing. The administration has made it clear that there will be no green light on rowing as long as the clubs agree that the clubs must adhere to certain guidelines before rowing begins.

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