‘Even if it rains, you will cast your vote with an umbrella’, Mamata warns in Bhabanipur – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Even if it rains, you will vote with an umbrella on your head This was the request of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee while campaigning in Bhabanipore By Poll. The Chief Minister is trying to ensure that the turnout is not reduced by going out to campaign in Bhabanipore. Mamata Banerjee (appeals to voters in Bhabanipore) made the same request while holding a public meeting in Ward No. 61 of Kolkata Municipality on the same day.

The Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee), who is more concerned about the turnout than he is concerned about the victory in Bhabanipore, had earlier made the same plea in the Bhabanipur election campaign. On the same day, Mamata said, “Vote one by one, because if you don’t vote, development will stop. And Bhabanipur will vote for India.”

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The by-election will be held on September 30 in Bhabanipur Earlier, the chief minister had visited Khidirpur and Chetla to campaign, saying many would not turn out to vote if he won. If so, his rivals, including the BJP, could benefit On top of that, there is a risk of another disaster in Kolkata and South Bengal next week So there is no guarantee that it will not rain on the day of the election As a result, the Chief Minister has repeatedly appealed for a vote to ensure that the overall turnout does not go down. Earlier in the day, he had said that he would not be able to become the chief minister if everyone did not vote

The Chief Minister also expressed regret over the inconvenience of the common people due to untimely voting “I will not be able to become the chief minister if I do not win the election,” he said There are 8 by-elections left in four more places They could have been together. ‘ Apart from Bhabanipur, by-elections are also expected in Gosaba, Kharadha, Dinhata and Shantipur.

On this day also, the Chief Minister has sharply attacked the BJP He said, ‘India started from Bhabanipur Don’t want my power. I want the independence of the country. I will not allow the country to become Taliban. Our fight will continue from Bhabanipur to Hindustan. Your one vote is also very strong. ‘

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