#Kolkata: Whether the thunderstorm comes or not, it is clear that Kolkata is going to float in the rain for the next few days. And as a result, the common people of Kolkata may have to face water scarcity. That is why this time Mayor Firhad Hakim in Kolkata spoke of hope. Attending a function at Ruby Square, Firhad said: “I have been monitoring the cyclone situation since this morning. I have spoken to the Meteorological Department officials. The pump machines at all the pumping stations under Kolkata Municipality are working properly. All the pumps are operational. Separate teams have been formed at the Kolkata Municipality Headquarters and Borough Offices. Their work has already been explained to the department.

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The state government is preparing to fight the thunderstorm with virtual wartime activities. Recalling that, Firhad remarked, “A high-level meeting was held on Monday under the chairmanship of Kolkata Municipal Commissioner Binod Kumar. There is a perfect plan to talk to everyone. We are ready. We are most concerned, I have instructed the head of my lighting department to shut down all the triphala lighthouses. No one should be left out of the lighthouse. Not only Kolkata Municipality. Or the occurrence of electrocution. The people of our city are still unconscious.

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He also blamed the lack of awareness of the general public as the cause of water logging. Said, plastic is being thrown everywhere. The street gossip is being stopped because of the plastic. The water bar could not be closed as Galipit was closed. As a result, it is taking a long time for water to be drained in the city. We will make people aware of plastic again. I will explain to the people that if plastic is thrown everywhere like this, water will not be able to flow out of Kolkata. The water will stand again. You will have problems. Calcutta Municipality is committed to drainage.

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