#Kolkata: Trinamool made itself more relevant in national politics with a record average of four. What is the significance of the huge success in the seven consecutive by-elections after the success of the general election?

According to political observers, what the Trinamool has achieved is a new milestone in opposition to Modi and the BJP. Mamata went one step further in becoming a substitute for the Congress in national politics. The Trinamool has got a tool to prove that what his party is saying is not true. The grassroots camp will be able to say that not only absolute dominance in state politics but also the people of the state have proved their confidence in Mamata in the EVM. A special message was sent to regional powers across the country that the grassroots were growing more and more.

Impact of by-elections in state politics

1) Making BJP irrelevant after left. 2) To be able to control the state politics 3) To turn the BJP into the main opposition. 4) The unintended consequence of which is the fear of a split in the BJP again. 5) Only 6 months ago, the BJP was thought to be the main driver of change in state politics, now people will look at him with pity. 6) People’s confidence in the BJP will decrease. How can ordinary people have confidence in the leadership of the party where the leaders of the party and the workers do not have confidence? 6) Question about Shuvendu in BJP. The anti-Shuvendu forces got more oxygen.

Shuvendu vs. Dilip group fight-big dividend

This issue is coming up to be the turn of the by-election. Shuvendu claimed that his success was 3 to 6 in the general election. He was given the responsibility of 6 by-elections starting from the parliamentary leader in the assembly. The BJP has failed that test. Dilip Shibir, who is against Shuvendu in the party, has already raised eyebrows over his success in the general elections. This time they will get more oxygen. The result will be more instability within the BJP with a single leadership.

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