#Kolkata: ‘There is a judiciary in the country. Will get justice. Everyone is by your side. Don’t look, I will arrange your transfer in two days.

Non-cooperation of part of the High Court bar. Absence of lawyers on the state government’s panel. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay on Wednesday showed 100 alone in a hostile environment. On this day, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay only heard questions from the plaintiff. And he carefully examined all the documents of the case. Then instructed. Instructed Uluberia school to hand over no-objection certificate within 48 hours.

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The last teacher to wait 6 months. Justice begins to be found. Sanskrit teacher Snigdha Dutta (Basu), a resident of Chandul, Burdwan. He has been ill since 2015. He joined the school on 22 September 2016. Job in Uluberia Jaipur. She is a teacher at Jaipur Surangmoyi Girls High School. He first applied for transfer on 13 August 2021. Application for fourth time transfer 11 September 2021. The board of Howrah District Hospital examined him for his illness. According to the board, it is not possible for a teacher to travel 284 km. Even then the application for transfer of teacher was not approved from the school.

On Wednesday, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay observed that a female teacher could not be compelled to go to a school 142 km away following the specific advice of the doctors of the medical board of a government hospital. The travel route is 264 kilometers. Even if the applicant arranges a stay near the school, will he or she not move from the rented house in the school area to his or her father-in-law’s house or to his father’s residence; At the same time, going against the advice of the medical board doctors means risking his life. A single bench has quashed the decision taken by the Jaipur school. Instructed the school to give no-objection between two o’clock on 29th April.

Howrah DI will send the transfer to SSC by May 12. The school service commission will take a decision by May 19. The Board of Secondary Education has then been instructed to decide on the transfer to a school near the home. It is to be noted that no lawyer was present at the hearing on behalf of the Board of Secondary Education, State, SSC, School. Only the plaintiff and the judge. The judge took a fancy way to continue the work of justice in an unequal environment.

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He took the help of the lawyers present in the court. Lawyer Ekramul Bari and lawyer Firdaus Shamim assisted the court as much as they could. The judge observed that the application for transfer could not be rejected due to less than 5 years of service. The board of the government hospital says that traveling 264 km is a risk for the teacher.

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